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CFNR is a leader in the production of professional broadcast programming that is a reflection of our community.

The Aboriginal population in Canada is expected to increase at twice the rate of the general Canadian population. CFNR is the only commercial content radio station broadcasting to over 70 communities and over 100,000 people in the Northwest and Central B.C.

CFNR’s Classic Rock format is extremely popular with our many First Nation’s and non-First Nation’s listeners, particularly the ‘baby boomers’ (30-50). With the ability to listen live online, our listenership is worldwide.

CFNR is mandated to building a full network of stations throughout British Columbia, and is a proud member of the Western Association of Aboriginal Broadcasters (WAAB), extending our reach throughout Western Canada.

Radio has proven results and continues to thrive despite constantly changing technology. With targeted commercial production, your message gets to the customer instantly. Inquire about our new web ad packages, with custom online marketing designed to get your business noticed!

Contact one of our qualified sales reps and let us help improve and increase your business with radio and web marketing- the best value for your advertising investment, getting your message to native and non-native populations in areas only CFNR can reach.

CFNR General Sales Manager

Ron Bartlett


General Sales Manager-Local, National and Agency Sales

CFNR sales representatives

Ron Bartlett
General Sales Manager-Local, National and Agency Sales
Lorna Brown
Account Executive-Territory: Bulkley Valley, Hazelton, Terrace
Yulanda Leighton
Account Executive-Terrace, Prince George, Haida Gwaii, Nass Valley
Crystal Donio
Account Executive : Smithers and Bulkley Valley
Mary Denton
Account Executive-Prince Rupert & Coastal, Tahltan Territory, Terrace