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BC Premier says “forces of no” behind Lelu Island Declaration

Premier Christy Clark is dismissing opposition to the proposed Pacific Northwest LNG project near Prince Rupert.

During a media availability in Vancouver Monday, Clark labelled the recent Lelu Island Declaration signatories “the forces of no”.

The coalition of heredity First Nations leaders, elected officials, and others wants Lelu Island and nearby Flora Bank off limits to the Petronas-backed LNG terminal over concerns about Skeena salmon habitat.

Clark says the world is being divided into two camps: those who say no to everything and those that want to find a way to get to yes.

Clark says finding a way to yes, even when it’s very difficult, is the way to create jobs and a future.

The Lelu Island Declaration was the culmination of the two-day Salmon Nation Summit which saw up to 300 First Nations leaders, scientists, elected officials, and locals gather in Prince Rupert.

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  1. The hereditary cheifs are the ones with power.
    Elected , nothing but gov lackeys, have no say on anything except the reserve lands they are elected to govern.
    Muddy the waters with your stupidity.
    50 people are you nuts. I was there.
    The first day we ran out of chairs and there were people standing the whole time.
    I feel your effort in commenting is paid for by industry and gov as you out nothing but lies and divisiveness.
    You will not divide and conquer.
    You idiots woke up the sleeping giant.
    We said no.

  2. Christine Smith-Martin

    Since when does anyone in the north trust DFO? Think about it, they have been non-existence for the past 10 years, under Harper regime. Dr.Johnathan Moore work was submitted to DFO and obviously they didn’t even read the 110 page report since they didn’t cite it once.
    SFU has no vested interest, why would they have this damaging report about the proposed LNG project unless it was true. All DFO did was rubber stamp Petronas “science”. Our Lax kw’alaams band has no authority in this area, thier boundaries are our reserve. Lelu Island belong to the Gitwilgyoots tribe, no other tribes or community can speak into thier tribe. That is why, all of a sudden, everyone is “claiming” Lelu island. John should not being “waiting” for DFO science to come out since he has been telling all of us he is opposed to LNG on Lelu.

  3. Christy Clark’s ex-husband Mark Marrissen, Stockwell Day and Ovide Mercei are all on the board of directors for Pacific Future Energy Corp which plans to build a refinery in Prince Rupert.
    Mark Marrissen was and still is a major player in the Liberal Party as a strategist and had a major role to play in Christy Clark’s election as Premiere.
    I don’t know how this can even be legal but you can bet your ass that there is a hell of a lot of more political allies who stand to make huge profits if this happens.

  4. I have followed this thread over the weekend in the TYEE and other on line Pub’s. Here’s my take…
    To read this story in the TYEE (Ultra left wing rag …Think Tea Party with Birkenstocks) you’d think that the whole region (pop.18, 000) showed up.
    1) The numbers given 300 attended. Photos from this article sure do not indicate that amount. Pictures indicate maybe 50 people in the room.
    2) Hereditary chiefs of the 9 allied tribes. Those are not the “elected” Chiefs and in fact 8 of the 9 Democracies that make up the alliance have already signed on in support of the PETRONAS build. The last non – signer is the Lax. The new Mayor (John Helin) has stated that he will rely on the science (last week the DFO said “Low Risk to the environment).The LAX are holding town hall meetings through to February on the project.
    3) The NDP M.L.A. signed on .Okay that’s nice but again in our DEMOCRCY the opposition does it’s best to discredit the Gov. (knock them down so you look better…that’s Sad but the way it is)
    4) Outside forces (the Environmentalists groups) the concert for Lelu? Give me a break. Now they are making a Documentary…The funding for this is coming from where? Look into That.
    5) The Nisga’a (they I am guessing not invited to this shin ding?)Are for the build and the elected Gov. and the elders I believe wisely signed on. The base of their decision is that it will be best for the future of the Tribe and the children’s future.

  5. The cost is too great? The pulp mill has been dumping stuff there for 40 years!? The Fraser River has had more development than this at the mouth of it with Salmon stocks doing well?
    First it was because of Dredging that they said the project would wreck this area.. so they decided to build a suspension bridge to outside of the flora bank which required no dredging.. Now the “new” Science they came up with… is that the ships at the Berth would create damage to the Flora Bank? It blows 100KM’s an hour up there without damage and the Department of fisheries and Oceans proved it “AGAIN”…. The Lax could turn it down but did the rest of the Tsimshian also sign on? Nsigaa?

    • Nice stuff there Zoltan, my thoughts exactly.I might add the DOF just released a report that staes the Native fishery will decline quite a bit over the next foreseeable future.Reason ,the ocean is getting warmer and the also rising,

  6. Christine Smith-Martin

    Come on Christy Clark really? Your yes road is getting pretty hard to sell when you are relaying on faulty science, the science that Dr. Johnathan Moore presented is peer reviewed, which means it has the highest scrutiny from fellow scientist. Were not just saying no because we have nothing else to do, we do it because you are attempting to damage the most sacred flora banks. The science as presented, has no vested interest but to tell the truth. We will begin to educate the rest of the Northwest coast since you are neglectful in your duty to share the correct information. Christy, did you ever ask yourself this question? Why did Lax kw’alaams turn down 1.3 Billion dollars? Lord knows, our community needs jobs and revenue. Why because the cost is too great, our salmon, our crab, our environment is worth more than your money. Something you will never understand because you are not connected to the waters, our traditional foods or our lands, your connected to the next election, you will push this through at all costs, even if BC doesn’t make money off of this, you don’t care. Our people have risen, you have woken a sleeping giant.

    • The Department of Fisheries and Oceans, along with Natural Resouces Canada have reviewed all reports and independent submissions and have deemed it unlikely to cause any damage. I Trust the science, and the Project.

      What we have to stand tall against is any Oil project coming to our region to be shipped or refined. This is the real danger. It will be good to get the world and our fishery to get the world off coal, which LNG is poised to do.

      Let work for a better world, where we can use LNG to stop Coal power. And say no to all Oil.

      • What is being said by Christy Clark is so FAR FROM THE TRUTH!!! There is NO FEAR of change, NO FEAR of a FUTURE. There is good science behind the reasons of protecting these areas!!! IN FACT, environmental THRESHOLDS are manipulated to meet the initiatives of the day. There is STRONG OPPOSITION to development for sound reasons and there is no compromise for the future of all British Columbians. BECAUSE SORRY is NOT GOOD ENOUGH ANYMORE or it’s their fault and we are investigating/monitoring – all the while people who face the devastation have NO VOICE !!!!

    • for a “peer review” I would think that you have to write a paper and have it Published? The DOF is now un – muzzled and the people who work there are Her “peers”.

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