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Black Sabbath Write ups

Black Sabbath Write ups

Here are some of the write ups we have received!

Excited for new beginnings–louis Bibaud

Well, this year, i have resolved to lose 25 lbs and get back into shape.–Randy Roylance

Biggest resolution is to not have resolutions!! Most excited for my chance to see sabbath live–Bonni Josephy

I am excited just to see what 2016 brings for our family. Health, family and love, can’t ask for anything else as those are truly the only things in life that matter and I have already been truly blessed with all three. Don’t have a lot of money but can’t be any richer, large family and lots of love.–Denise Russ

Excited to visit family after watching ozzy for the first time!!–Ashley Connors

Hoping to successfully challenge my red seal certification.–Justin Hare

I didn’t quite make a new years resolution. but this year, at this moment… all that comes to mind is being kinder to myself. I have depression, which makes everyday different for me. I could be out being friendly, or at home with a book or FB. So my goal is to set up boundaries for myself, and try be…Functional, civilized & possibly friendly :)–Steffanie Wright

I’m so excited for 2016! I’ve improved my ethics, habits, and morals a lot over the past year. I only seek to improve myself even more, and to try help those around me. I must visit my all my grandparents often than I already do!
As for New Year’s Resolution…
Would be to broaden my sense of music a bit more, other then Classic Metal and Rock (long live the 70s & 80s)
Not a big Resolution, but I would like to be compassionate and easy going. Also to not stress over little things, but to never take those little things for granted.
Happy New Years CFNR wish you only the best and you keep playing the best tunes!–Tian Lord

I get too marry my beautiful fiancé in July!!–Steve Venman

My new years resolution would be to spend more time with my children Not on games, Internet, or phone. I am a single mother of four beautiful kids and we all fall victim to our electronics lol so I would love more board game nights, scrapbook nights and so on. Happy new years everyone!!–Josephine Brown

complete my Masters thesis and graduate!!! It’d be sweet to see Black Sabbath too!!–rhonda lee mcisaac

This year for my New Years Resolution, I will make 2016 the best year in all aspects of my life. Mainly focusing on my career and my family!–Kiesha Pahl

Why am I excited for 2016? A new year marks a time of a fresh start, new beginnings and new goals! I’m excited to further work on myself and spread love and compassion! Also it would be awesome to tell my mom that I’m gonna take her to Black Sabbath!–Brandi Ciampichini

A new year gives us an excuse to make some positive life changes… My life change resolution is leading a healthier life… More exercise incorporated, more time with my husband n children … A more balanced life… A great goal to go after… Happy new year to all! :)–Sandra Olson

My 2016 GOAL (NOT resolution) is to live a heathier life by being more active, making better food choices and getting my heath on track. Black Sabbath (with Ozzy, not the other pretenders) has been my favorite band since my teen years, and it would be a dream come true!–Cinnamon Carriere


We will be gaining custody of our foster daughter this month as she has been in our care since April 1st 2014 this is our exciting news of all time as we could not conceive children our selves happy 2016 best wishes to cfnr — Molina Starr

My New Years Resolution is to live a Healthier Life.And to spend more time with all my GRANDBABIES ‼️ GOD BLESS ON AND ALL IN 2016– Margaret Moore

I would love to take time to sort out all of my photos and get more Wedding jobs as a photographer and capture the Seafest events with sun .. also take some hikes up mountains to capture some wild life stills — Victor Cooper

This year I am dedicating my self to do more yoga and to help animal attain a better quality of life. –Kari Morgan

Biggest resolution is to live without as many resolutions. Super excited for sabbath!! –Bonni Josephy

I’m excited for the new year, looking forward to my son’s wedding July 2, 2016.–Elaine Stewart

Its 2016, new job, new adventures everyday, and I don’t make resolutions!!
Happy New Year!!–Elaine Maitland

one of my new years resolution is to join any contests in CFNR, they give you the best contest and prizes and it has been 6 or 7 years I won, and I want to take my son to see Black Sabbath for his 25th birthday. His happiness is my happiness and winning this contest will help me accomplish one of my to do list in life, making my son happy and give him something he would never forget in his life tthat he see Black Sabbath ‘s concert on his 25th birthday. thank you–vilma Kenyon

I am excited for the New Year because I cannot see what the year has for me, its always a surprise!–christine nunes

The first marks my first day as a Plumber’s apprentice. Something I’ve been trying to do as last year’s resolution. I put myself through school and I’ve succeeded. This year’s resolution is to gain better control of my diabetes :)–Shawn Patenaude

Would be nice to bring the new year in With black sabbath , old school rock for old school dude–Chris Rose

Black Sabbath, Iron Maiden, Megadeth concert, new album for Metallica…… do I have to say more….. !!! ROCKING YEAR !! \m/–Jeroen Gerritsen

enovicted-continue downsize -training-find good employment-continue quality time with 91 yr old mom-welcome 1st great grand daughter late February (5th generation)…be thankful for another new year…–Darlene Wolfe

I resolve to be kinder to myself and to others– Diane Fulton

Love starting a new year, good time to evaluate goals and priorities. This year I’m planning on setting running goals, dance everyday and have more fun. Laugh more.–Mary John

To win the Black Sabbath The End Tour contest
Paranoid was the first vinyl record I bought
Happy New Year–Neil McLean

one of my new years resolution is to take care of my self, make an effort to get healthy and lose weight, be smart, don’t get so stressed, take life easy. If i can do it , i will try to keep it up as the years to come–Vilma Kenyon

My New Year’s Resolution: to get more exercise. Starting off with low impact workouts. My reason is so that I can be more involved with community events like Positive Prince Rupert.–Prisciilla Dennis

My biggest resolution is to lose weight so I spend more time doing things with my grandchildren, and to make it out to boat harbor to gather traditional foods. Also to be in shape to do the 2016 Canoe journey from Metlakatla Alaska–Victor Cooper

Renovicted…downsized 3x and doung it again…training…find good employment…continue quality time with 91 yr old mom and would like to enjoy something for me…i am worth it–Darlene Wolfe

To finish rebuilding my ocean boat–Justin Hare

I am excited to hopefully cross seeing Ozzy and black sabbath off of my bucket list woo hoo!–Ashley Connors

NY Resolution is to let insignificant things “go” by thinking: “Will this matter five years from now?!” Life is short so live it and go see one of my first favourite bands, Black Sabbath!–Crystal Foerster

I am excited about this new year because I am ready to do whatever it takes to make it a good one. My biggest resolution is to stop smoking. It’s been 18 hours since I had one and I QUIT. Cancer is everywhere and I want my kids to have a positive role model that is health conscious.–Jackie Bob

My first and most important resolution is to be a nice person with healthy boundaries. To do something nice at least once a day for another person. To be smile more – let’s make this world a better place one smile at a time. Show the love–Ruby Baptiste

Looking forward to another year with our families , Good Health and hope to travel a bit in 2016–Henry Amos

I’m excited for the New Year to work with others to make sure that cristy clark does not get voted back in government. I am looking forward to exploring many positive new things through art, music and being as helpful as possible to others on a daily basis. My resolution is to Rise Above through Love & Kindness.–Cheryl McLean

work hard , pay bills and enjoy life with my family and friends, and hopefully win something big , anything , and wishing I could visit my folks in the Philippines, visit my mom and my brother burial site, that could give me closure and also I will try my best to go to church this year, thank you–vilma kenyon

I am excited about the new year as I will be searching for full time job, and getting to spend time with my two grandchildren and my lil family. It is a new year to improve my life style and work experience. My resolution is to be a better person that I was in 2015, get my life in order and find a full time job and maybe even a better half (BF) lol –Darlene Sampare

In the new year it will be 2 years cancer free, it will be great to continue on with life with family and friends without the thought of cancer in the back of my mind–Bill Earle

My new year will start with a new baby that me and my family are excited for he or she will be born in June 20th. And my new year Resolution is to try to Save up to build a room for my oldes it will be a challenge to save as we are a family of five girls and two boy’s and we will be saving for the concert too…–Francisca Boucher

I am very excited about starting a new year and spend more time with all the ones I love . My new years resolution is to love myself for who I am and not for what society thinks I should be–Patricia Wilson

My New Years resolution is to quit drinking unless I can party it up with Ozzy!–Kyle Clark

I am in the process of healthy life living in the Vancouver area. My heart is still in Terrace though.
Rock on…–John Maclellan

My biggest new year’s resolution is to look after myself better – healthy eating, sleeping, and exercising.–Flora Wilson

A new year gives us an excuse to make some positive life changes… My life change resolution is leading a healthier life… More exercise incorporated, more time with my husband n children … A more balanced life… A great goal to go after… Happy new year to all! :)–Sandra Olson

My 2016 GOAL (NOT resolution) is to live a heathier life by being more active, making better food choices and getting my heath on track. Black Sabbath (with Ozzy, not the other pretenders) has been my favorite band since my teen years, and it would be a dream come true!–Cinnamon Carriere

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  1. Steffanie Wright

    My New Years Resolution is… coming to terms with and accepting myself for who I am, craziness, fluffyness and all. I will pay attention to my needs so I dont over react and make a scene. (I get overwhelmed very easy). Everything happens for a reason, and at this moment, I am waiting for s slidehow presentaion to be turned into a movie for my cuz, RIP Joe Shanoss. Gone but never forgotton. Find the silverlining in everything, we may not always get what we want, but we always get what we need.

  2. New Years resolution I have chosen is to tell my Beautiful and our children how much I love them without using words.
    I have taken unexpected trips to the library with my kids and brought my Beautiful to unexpected dinner dates, life is for the living, and, I’m living it.

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