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Moricetown band set to change name

Moricetown band members will now get to say a familiar name as the village is changing their name. Victor Jim is the newly elected chief and as one of his first acts in office was to return the name of their village to its original name, Witset. This was suggested almost 4 years ago in a Council meeting and has ... Read More »

Highway 37 culvert to be replaced north of Meziadin Junction

Minister of Transportation and Infrastructure, Claire Trevena announced a $1.98-million plan to improve the reliability of Highway 37. The work will happen on a culvert north of Bell 2 Lodge. The 44-year-old, undersized steel pipe culvert under the highway at Gamma Creek currently one gets clogged with debris flows and will be replaced with a new concrete box culvert. “In ... Read More »

Skeena MLA demands answers for no mention of Terrace hospital in budget

Ellis Ross is questioning the new NDP budget because there is no mention of Mills Memorial Hospital’s reconstruction. The project was proposed in the spring and the February Liberal budget allocated money for the construction. It was slated to be the largest provincial government construction project in the history of the Northwest and was expected to provide almost 2,000 jobs. ... Read More »

Andrea Paquette, known as the “Bipolar Babe” visits the northwest

This week, Andrea Paquette also known as the “Bipolar Babe” is visiting the northwest to tell her story. Paquette is the President of the Stigma-Free Society, The Stigma-Free Society is a registered Canadian Charity and has designed programs providing education about stigma’s with an emphasis on mental health and peer support for those facing mental health challenges. This afternoon, the ... Read More »

Nisga’a Nation holds two conferences this week starting today

Members of the Nisga’a Nation will get the opportunity to participate in a couple important gatherings this week, both taking place at the Lax̱g̱alts’ap Community Centre in Lax̱g̱alts’ap (Greenville) in the Nass Valley. The first is an Employment information fair taking place today with the theme “walking together, working together”. It will be for people or employers looking for useful tips ... Read More »

Offroad vehicles prohibition rescinded throughout the province

Cooler weather conditions and some recent rain has BC Wildfire Services opting to let people use recreational vehicles in the Cariboo, Kamloops and Southeast backcountry. The province-wide prohibition comes into effect noon today, as the wildfire danger in the region continues to drop. Prince George and Northwest fire centres saw a drop in fire danger a few weeks ago as more ... Read More »

Kitimat making moves to keep campers off riverbanks after sudden flood

The recent flooding in Kitimat has officials thinking mitigation. The flash flood caught everyone by surprise especially those camped along the river. Some of them said the water rose swiftly over a period of just a matter of a couple hours causing camper units to be washed away and over a dozen camper had to be plucked off the roof ... Read More »

Kermode bear still lingering around Terrace

A kermode bear has been spotted around terrace over the past few days, but it is proving to be elusive as conservation officers attempt to capture it. Numerous calls have come into the conservation service and bear traps have been set. The spirit bear has been hanging around the Howe Creek Trail area feeding on fruit trees and the service ... Read More »

BC Treaty Commission’s annual report will be released this morning

The BC Treaty Commission is set to release its annual report today. Celeste Haldane, the Chief Commissioner, notes reconciliation is the top priority across all levels of government and here in BC. Reconciliation is moving forward through treaty negotiations. The report, entitled “reconciling prosperity: the role of local and regional government sin treaty negotiations” will be released at a press ... Read More »

Nisgaá Education Conference

All Nisga’a citizens are encouraged to attend the Nisga’a Lisims Government Education Conference, September 21st and 22nd, at the Laxgalts’ap Community Center. The theme is ‘We walk together’. Registration is not required. Join Kiefer Collison on location September 21st from 9am to 2pm for the Nisga’a Lisims Government Education Conference. For live video stream go to Nisga’a Nation. CA Read More »

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