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A one-hour documentary show weeknights at 6, Kiefer Collison brings you stories and issues that affect First Nations and our region.

Tune in for conversations with community members and First Nations leaders on current affairs, cultural events, community initiatives and business development.

Towards the end of the hour is the Journeys Aboriginal Music Experience, a showcase of First Nations Artists and Bands from multiple genres and all across Canada.

If you have an opinion on any of the archives below, comment! We love to hear what the listener feels about stories.

Journeys is brought to you by Prince Rupert Port Authority

Elizabeth Wilson on Journeys with Kiefer Collison

Elizabeth Wilson is revitalizing the Heiltsuk language in Bella Bella. Talks about her Journey with language learning, where its taking here and where she whats to go. Read More »

Your Nation Your Station Podcast (Episode 2)

On this episode Brock and Kief talk about the Sidney Crosby incident from earlier this week, What we’d do if we won the lottery, The Netflix series 13 reasons why and of course the occasional Mike Modano chirp! Read More »

Teresa Windsor on Journeys with Kiefer Collison

Teresa comes on Journeys to talk about Haisla language revitalization. Also why she has chosen to step forward and make change. It’s an amazing conversation with Teresa about culture and language. Read More »

JoySlam’s RJ Martine on Journeys with Kiefer Collison

RJ talks about his latest music of their “IDRGAF”. JoySlam has a unique funk rock sound that is all there own. Read More »

Your Nation Your Station Podcast! Episode #1

Kiefer and Brock have great banter on air, so they decided it was time to start a podcast! This will be a weekly installment coming out at the end of each work week! This week they intro the podcast and talk about hockey, movies, and life. Have a listen! Read More »

Kym Gouchie on Journeys with Kiefer Collison

Kym comes on Journeys to talk about her latest album “Northern Shining Woman” and working with her daughter on a track. Amazing conversation with Kym, this is a must listen to Journeys. Read More »

District Avenue on Journeys with Kiefer Collison

Adrieane Sutherland lead singer of District Avenue talks about there new album Epoich (epic). Read More »

Coastal Drifters on Journeys with Kiefer Collison

Local Terrace Rock group Coastal Drifters talk about how their band came to be. And the roots of there family ties which inspired the name of the band. Read More »

Reid Skelton Morven on Journeys with Kiefer Collison

Reid started his own company “MotivNations”. MotivNations Provides Self mastery workshops for Youth. Web & Media Services for business, and strives for developing indigenous economic self reliance. This is an inspiring chat with an amazing individual. Read More »

Kitsumkalum youth on Journeys with Kiefer Collison

Hear the youth youth who were involved in making the song/music video “The Highway”. The issue of missing and murdered Indigenous women and men is a very real and painful problem in our country. The highway of tears that stretches along Northern British Columbia is part of this story. Here is “The Highway”; a heartfelt ballad written and performed by ... Read More »

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