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A one-hour documentary show weeknights at 6, Kiefer Collison brings you stories and issues that affect First Nations and our region.

Tune in for conversations with community members and First Nations leaders on current affairs, cultural events, community initiatives and business development.

Towards the end of the hour is the Journeys Aboriginal Music Experience, a showcase of First Nations Artists and Bands from multiple genres and all across Canada.

If you have an opinion on any of the archives below, comment! We love to hear what the listener feels about stories.

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Justin Young on Journeys with Kiefer Collison

Justin Young is a motivational speaker/Facilitator with an amazing message and story. His ability to connect with the people he speaks with is something special. Read More »

John Horgan on Journeys with Kiefer Collison

Leader of the official opposition in the Provincial government (NDP) John Horgan stops by the Journeys studio to talk about First Nations issues, and his tour from Prince Rupert to Prince George. Read More »

Richard Van Camp on Journeys with Kiefer Collison

Author of the book “The Lesser Blessed” Richard Van Camp talks about the 10th anniversary of his book. Also talks about the movie adaptation and what it has meant for him to see it all come to life. This is an amazing conversation, one not to be missed. Read More »

Gabriel Ayala on Journeys with Kiefer Collison

Classical Guitarist Gabriel Ayala talks about his life story and how music has guided his life. A powerful man and powerhouse musician, this is an interview not to be missed. Read More »

Oscar Dennis on Journeys with Kiefer Collison

Oscar comes to the Journeys studio to talk about Tahltan language revitalization, and the state he sees his language in. Also offers up some ideas to help revitalize the language. Read More »

Vyna Brown on Journeys with Kiefer Collison

Vyna Brown talks about the canoe journey her community is embarking on, and the significance it has to uphold our culture. Read More »

George Leach on Journeys with Kiefer Collison

George Leach catches up with Kiefer Collison at the Edge of the world music festival. Great conversation about how far First Nations music has come and where its going. Read More »

Charles R. Menzies on Journeys with Kiefer Collison

Charles comes on Journeys to talk about culture, language and of course his new book “People of the Saltwater”. In People of the Saltwater, Charles R. Menzies explores the history of an ancient Tsimshian community, focusing on the people and their enduring place in the modern world. The Gitxaala Nation has called the rugged north coast of British Columbia home ... Read More »

Cathryn Wilson on Journeys with Kiefer Collison

Cathryn Wilson is the Executive Director for the B.C Achievement foundation. She talks about the nomination process and its up coming deadline of June 30th. The Aboriginal Business Awards have celebrated the success of 75 businesses, joint ventures, First Nations’ communities and entrepreneurs since its inception in 2008. Read More »

Carrie Anne Vanderhoop on Journeys with Kiefer Collison

Carrie Anne talks about the up and coming UBC credited curriculum course for “Reconciliation Studies” in partnership with the Haida Gwaii Higher Education Society. Also talks about the course already in motion in the neighboring community Skidegate and the benefits that have come with it. Read More »