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Exotic cat in Kitimat getting complaints

Osiris, a serval cat owned by Darren Whyte of Kitimat. (Credit: Darren Whyte)

Osiris, a serval cat owned by Darren Whyte of Kitimat. (Credit: Darren Whyte)

A Kitimat man is facing a backlash for walking his serval cat in the community.

Osiris is a serval, a large type of domesticated African cat, and his owner, Darren Whyte says complaints from some neighbours mean they can’t go on their usual two hour long walks.

He thinks the complaints stem from misconceptions that servals are dangerous, which can grow up to 40 pounds.

But Whyte says servals are no more aggressive than other cats or dogs.

According to Whyte, the local humane society has no issue with him owning a serval.

But Dr. Sarah Dubois of the BC SPCA says the animal welfare agency has officially come out against people owning servals.

She says the main concern is for the welfare of a wild animal living in a domestic situation.

A serval cat was hit and killed by a vehicle in Sooke in 2014 when it escaped from its home.

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  2. Maureen C. Allen

    Servals are — emphatically — not “domesticated.” Their natural lives have no role for human beings, no role at all. That this cat behaves non-aggressively is a factor of captivity, not natural inclination. The cat probably cannot survive in the wild; if the man really cares about the serval, he will surrender the cat to a reputable sanctuary. If he fails, be assured, this is all about him, his ego, his need to show off.

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