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Heart or Black Heart Valentine Write ups!

Heart or Black Heart Valentine Write ups!

  • Christine nunes  “The best heartfelt moment for me was when my fiancé proposed to me on New Years Day 2013 what an amazing moment.”
  • Darlene Wolfe “Bad-after much asking went out with guy…ending up being 3rd wheel who paid for dinner and drinks…ah well…i had a good dinner even if i paid…”
  • Joan Richardson “My birthday is on March 13th and I’d love to win tickets to see Joan Jett & the Blackhearts. I have a heart I love valentines day”
  • Bernadine Johnson “I have both because I have an amazing man by my side, sadly he’s battling cancer and tumours are growing, we both love music , I would love to take him out on a date to see Joan jet!”
  • Haley Wolff “I have a heart because I’m crazy on you!!”
  • Glenda Owen “I have a heart because I always give me daughters Valentin’s chocolate”
  • Shawna Fortin “My heart is full of love on this day because I have two handsome son’s that love me enough to fill all the Oceans on this beautiful planet we all call earth ❤️ And a great loving man that I have been blessed to share the last 10 years with.”
  • Sheila Haugan “Well I totally have a heart for family, friends and of course the love of my life ❤️❤️
    As evryone says people only fall I love once but that’s totally not true, cause I have very strong feelings and do love my partner. Although, as for my 5 grand babies have the biggest part of my heart ❤️❤️”
  • Chris Rose “I think this year I have a heart still looking for the right moment and time to ask my love to be the forever to me just never know concert could be the time”
  • Holly Spencer “I’d have to say both…I’ve been burned and it sucked…but I know love is a good thing. Love is all you need, right?”
  • Amadeus Derrick “I honestly think that Valentines day is a little over rated because all these stupid flyers come out from places like Pandora or Carters jewlers and it makes guys look cheap if they don’t get a rock for V day. All I am saying is that a romantic dinner or even a couple roses and a nice day together aught to be enough sometimes. I do have more to tell but I am only allowed to enter once a day?”
  • Stephanie Matthews “im not sure on what to say for this day i have my years where things go good or bad”
  • Janice Shearer “After years of dating and not finding the right heart for me, he came along, unexpected, and now for LIFE.”
  • Lisa Parker “the love of my life has made me feel so loved and safe! i can share everything with him and have. we love doing the same things together from hunting, river fishing, ocean fishing, ice fishing, or just driving around.”
  • Benilde (Be) Gomes “My most memorable moments were when my daughters and I would make Valentine cards for our family and friends. A gift from the heart to those we love and remind the recipients that we are thinking of them on this special day.”
  • RAVEN GRAUMAN “I love both groups almost equally. Haven’t been to a concert in many years so going to one of them would be a huge highlite to a dreary & sad beginning of 2016.”
  • Darlene Wolfe “My kids when 12 and 8 bought me a cross and i have worn it every day since…been 30 yrs since…”
  • Bill Utz “Valentines day is another crazy event made by modern society to stress out a average guy. Forcing him out of his being into what he thinks is expected of him.”
  • Renee Utz “My husband has a black black heart for valentines day, as soon as he sees the first advertisement or display for Valentines day the rant is on. I cant say I am a fan of the commercial Valentine either but I do really enjoy the opportunity to tell the people I love that they are special to me. So despite the weeks of my husbands ire I still enjoy the day, the feelings and the stories of love. How can love be a bad thing? Its not, but the idea that it requires an expensive display is true silliness. This world could use as much love as it can get, just not so much junk and a whole lot less pressure and drama!”
  • Michelle Angus “I hate my self for loving you, but still – I Love rock n roll !”
  • mike watson “my mom told me since I was young to follow my heart and I wouldn’t go wrong”
  • marie mckay “Was our first apartment, I wasn’t expecting much being a young broke family, he knocked at the door with one red rose .I love that guy”
  • carl grant “heart,giving all and asking for nothing in return is all one can ask for friends and family all around…”
  • Lisa Parker ” I have a heart and it’s because of my family and most importantly from the love I have for my 3 children. My heart filled with love the moment I laid eyes on then!”
  • Diana Guno “I just love A good time with my husband”
  • marjorie leask “every year my husband would spoil me on valentine’s. so last year i went out and got everything he would get for me and when he came home from work at lunch time he had the biggest smile on his face.. in my heart i knew he felt the love just like i do when i get spoiled…”
  • Brenda Hill “My favorite Valentines Day was getting off work not expecting anything and getting home to see my son above the steps outside waiting for me with a balloon and roses 🙂 he was about 5 and is now 19 sweetest moment ever :)”
  • Michelle Mintenko “Valentine’s Day is mot just one day out of the year to celebrate with your loved one. I am shown tremendous amounts of love from my partner. He cares for me and makes sure I am happy everyday and Valentine’s Day is the day I make sure he knows how much I love him. I will cook him a romantic dinner for two and bake him goodies, and make sure he knows how much he means to me. flowers and chocolate are not what Valentine’s day means to me.”
  • Pete Richardson “Valentines is ok. My wife loves it so I get her chocolates & flowers”
  • Joan Richardson “I love valentines day, I get chocolates & flowers from my love every year. We’ve been together for 35yrs. We love each other just as much as we did when we first got together when I was 18 and he was 33.”
  • Sandra Brook “I have a Heart for Valentine’s Day because I have enjoyed hearts music for 40 years, right from the very beginning from Dreamboat Annie to Fanatic!! They were my very first concert in Vancouver called Summer Sunday 78 at Empire Stadium I was just a very young 13 year old excited to see my favourite band in the world, along with Nick Guilder and Blue Oyster Cult what a sow it was!!!”
  • Marilyn Brown “Because I LOVE ROCK AND ROLL!!”
  • Chris Rose “After been married before for 23 yrs now have found my real valentines great women big heart and just overall great human being”
  • Jennifer Keys “My heart for valentines day is my wonderful husband! With him, it doesn’t need to be valentines day for him to have a hot, romantic bath poured, home cleaned and dinner on the table when I have a rough day. Every day with him is truly amazing”
  • Denise Russ “I must say I have a heart for Valentines day. Any day to celebrate love with family and friends is good, life is too short. We all need to celebrate and show more love more often, not just one day of the year.”
  • Dianne Villeseche “Hoping to take my boyfriend to see them!”
  • Margaret Moore “I Have a HEART for Valentines Day because I have 6 Beautiful Reasons and those 6Beautiful Reasons are my 6 Beautiful GRANDBABIES ❤️ And last but not least, I have the sweetest Hunny in the world ❤️”
  • Vincent Robinson “One day while on a date I noticed that my personality was a little off-track. Usually when I take a woman out I’m very comfortable but in this case I was very nervous and excited. I tried to hide it all night, then when it came time to say good night it felt like I was 18 yrs old again. Nothing to be upset about and no worries, so at that moment I knew by the grace of god I still have a heart.”
  • RAVEN GRAUMAN “would love to see this…sure need a break.”
  • Lisa Parker “I have a heart thanks to my beautiful, warm town where I was born and raised Terrace British Columbia….”
  • Darlene Sampare “I have a HEART for Valentines day even though i don’t have a sweetheart”
  • Jeannette Quance “Met my hunny when we were in elementary and were best friends through out highschool. I moved away before grade 12. We reunited almost exactly 20 years later and have been together for 10 years. We spent the 20 years looking for each other because we knew we were meant for each other.”
  • Scott William Burns “the smiles and laughs and the hugs and the kisses and just being together that really matter to me, these are the special things that reminds me that life’s so better in many ways because of her.”
  • Chris Rose “This valentines with my girl at a great concert would be a real treat and a special time for the two of us it’s time”

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  1. Joan Jett and the black harts pretty great group. Heart is another great band I grew up listening to music like this because my parents listen to music like this and I gotta say its a whole lot better then the stuff that is played now days called “music”. I woild love to take one of them to see this concert.

  2. I believe my husband has a BLACK HEART….i get him valentines day cards every year along with bday, xmas & cards just because… So i have a heart, in the 9 years we been together he never NOT ONCE got me ne kind of cards

  3. I am truly “Heart” , this year my Fiancé and I decided to pick a date for our wedding, we were going to Las Vegas, but want to include family and friends, who have being beside us all these years. Seen Heart in PG a couple of years back, awesome, LOVE to see Joan Jet, one of my fav bands from the 80’s

  4. Valentines day reminds me of all the people I love .

  5. I have a heart of gold when I am treated proper but can turn blackheart if you treat me wrong, so I guess it depends on what is dished out. another concert would be cool to go to 😉 GOOD LUCK TO ALL and Take care

  6. I pick heart!!! : It’s the day I get to Validate extravagant !!!! Love and Romance to my boyfriend, who I dearly Truly love with all my heart and soul!!!! until I take my Last Breath!!! I love yah hunny!!!! forever and always!!!!! Love your baby !!! 5 years together so far !!! still feels like a new day with you when I awake!!! and look forward to the rest of our lives together sweetheart!!! and when he goes to sleep, I can’t wait till he wakes up!!!

  7. I love Heart <3 <3 , I grew up listening to them. . . would love to see them in concert <3 Valentines is great for me because of my two grandchildren Rose-Lee Stevens and Cain Stevens <3 <3 please pick me to see Heart <3 <3

  8. Valentines day reminds me of all the family I love .

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