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Kermode bear still lingering around Terrace
Courtesy of Canadian Geographic

Kermode bear still lingering around Terrace

A kermode bear has been spotted around terrace over the past few days, but it is proving to be elusive as conservation officers attempt to capture it.

Numerous calls have come into the conservation service and bear traps have been set.

The spirit bear has been hanging around the Howe Creek Trail area feeding on fruit trees and the service wants people to continue to call in sightings so officers can get a better chance to capture and relocate it. While relocation isn’t a preferred way of deal with bears because they almost always find their way back to the food source. But because it is a kermode, officers want to take it alive. However, they are also saying if it become habituated and loses its fear of human, it too will be put down.

The bear was last seen yesterday afternoon on Lanfear hill.

Bears in general are fattening up for hibernation and are looking for any food source they can find so, it is very important that you removed any attractants; clean your BBQ, police up fallen fruit, keep pet food indoors and most of all, don’t put out garbage for pick up until the day it is collected.

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