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Lest We Forget :: Remembrance Day

remmeberance day

All of us at CFNR appreciate you, your family and the service of our veterans.

If you wish to share with us the story of your veteran, please email us at:


Please include:
Veteran’s Name
Which war(s) did the veteran serve in?
In what years did they serve?
Is our veteran still with us?
• Yes
• No, they’ve passed away
If they are no longer with us, what year did they leave us?
If you’d like to share a photo of them, please add as an attachment.
If you’d like, submit a short bio or story of the veteran that you wish to share, so we can all remember.

From all of us here at CFNR, we will remember.

James Newell Leighton
World War I 1916-1917
CFNR :: Lest We Forget
Bravely Passed away on August 27, 1917

Private James Newell Leighton was born in Metlakatla B.C on June 2, 1895. His parents were Mr. and Mrs. William Leighton. James enlisted on May 19, 1916 at the age of 21. James was in the Canadian Infantry, 29th Battalion On August 27, 1917 he died of wounds and was buried at Aubigny Communal Cemetery Extension, Pas de Calais, France.

Jacob Grant, Magnus Henry, Alvin Atkins, Richard Atkins, George Stewart, George Wilson, Moses Williams, Heber Amos, Ralph Adams, Denis Robinson, Harold Maitland.
Haisla war vets.
CFNR :: Lest We Forget
Denis Robinson and Harold Maitland are still with us.
Rest Bravely Passed away


John Thomas Cullen
WWII for Britain
He’s the gentleman on the left.
He then immigrated to Canada in the 60’s after marrying my Aunt.
He passed away quite a few years ago now.

Bravely Passed away
Submitted by Jill Milnes

Corporal Jacob Grant
World War II

CFNR :: Lest We Forget
Seaforth Highlanders 1940-45
Haisla Nation

Bravely Passed away


Pvr. Richard Inkster
World War 1
Served in England from 1917 to 1919

Lest We Forget :: Richard InskterLest We Forget :: Richard Inskter
From Telegraph Creek
Bravely passed away in 1942

Submitted by Geri Inkster

Milton E. Clark
World War II
Dieppe, Normandy Beach 1943-1945.

Milton joined the Canadian Army in 1943. He had his training at Camrose, Curry Barracks in Calgary.
From there he was sent to Halifax to join the 1st Canadian Scottish, 3rd division. He then boarded the Empress to Scotland bound for oversea’s. Milton recalled the assignments to provide reinforcement for their allies at Deippe and Normandy Beach; the rest is history.
With Honorable discharge, Milton received five medals for his service: France and Germany Stars, War medal (39′-45′), Canadian volunteer Service and Clasp for General Service. We the Clark family want to Honor our father, husband, uncle, grandfather for serving our Country in World War two and leaving us with many memorable stories. Love, Honour and respect.

Lest We Forget :: Milton E. ClarkLest We Forget :: Milton E. Clark
From Laxgalts’ap “Greenville B.C”
Bravely passed away in 2005

Submitted by Sandra Stephens

Robert William Alexcee
Overseas in Japan 1943-1945

He was drafted by the Royal Canadian Army and served as a “Code talker” – our language. And also narrowly escaped one of many Japanese P.O.W. camps-of which he was 1 out of 247. The Japanese went public 3 yrs ago – and claimed that there were no survivors at that camp … a cover up-as to what really happened.

Lest We Forget :: Robert AlexceeLest We Forget :: Robert Alexcee
Bravely passed away


CFNR :: Lest We Forget
Tommy Ryan

He never returned, known by Charlie and Vera Henry

Bravely passed away
CFNR :: Lest We Forget
Tony Kowalchuk

Served 1942 – 1946

Dad fought in the Royal Canadian Artillery. We, his 4 children, were always proud of Dad’s service. We don’t know much about his experience as he chose to not to talk about it. The Royal Canadian Legion came out and performed The Last Post at Dad’s funeral service. It was very touching. Our Veterans were brave, brave people and we should never forget.

Bravely passed away

CFNR :: Lest We Forget
Private Tommy Tait
World War II

From Moricetown, BC
Bravely passed away in 1942


CFNR :: Lest We Forget
Fred Prince

From Fort St. James, BC
Bravely passed away
CFNR :: Lest We Forget
Raymond Prince

From Fort St. James, BC
Bravely passed away
Abel Thomas Peters
World War II

Of SouthSide-Cheslatta Band

My Dad was was born Sept 10th, 1922.
Went to the Lejac Residential School. Ran away at the age of 12.
Enlisted in the Army in 1943 in the 102 Northern British Columbians, became part of the Winnipeg Rifles. Trained in Wetaskin, Alberta and served overseas from Sept 1943. Landed on Juno Beach June 6th, 1944.
Was shot in the head & arm by a machine gun @ the Cannes Airfield on the July 8th, 1944 … at 10 o’ clock in the morning … & wounded in the arm, “I smashed my arm one inch shorter than this side I was only on the battlefield for 28 days.” said my father Abel Peters.

Lest We Forget :: Abel Thomas PetersLest We Forget :: Abel Thomas Peters

Bravely passed away in Aug 2013 in Burns Lk Hospital.

Submitted by Gerldine Charlie


Lest We Forget :: Stephen Wallace Clarke
Sgt. Stephen Wallace Clarke
World War II

From Victoria, Newfoundland
Killed in action February 7th, 1944
Aged 29
Headstone at Anzio, Italy

Submitted by Adrienne Morry
Percival Mulwain
World War II
Royal Canadian Engineers, Canadian Sapper
Lest We Forget :: Percival MulwainLest We Forget :: Percival Mulwain

From Cedarvale, BC
Bravely passed away July 24th, 1944
Age 29

Submitted by Gerry Brown
Robert S. Bright
Canadian Army

Lest We Forget :: Robert BrightLest We Forget :: Robert Bright

From Cedarvale, BC

Submitted by Gerry Brown
Ken Harris

Lest We Forget :: Ken HarrisLest We Forget :: Ken Harris

From Gitwangak, BC

Submitted by Gerry Brown


  1. Darlene Harris Wolfe

    Our father Sergeant Kenneth Edward Harris joined the army and travelled with his uncle Percy Mulwain. He trained over 5000 men. He had to give up his stripes to go overseas but made it back to Sergeant. His uncle passed overseas and he got to visit his grave when veterans travelled.
    He had lots of stories but we didn’t hear the horror stories…
    A week or so before Remembrance Day dad would become quiet and found him crying a few times remembering all those years fighting for freedom.
    He gave up his status to get in army and was only 16. In 1989 he became an indian again and we celebrated.
    He stayed overseas after the war to help clean up.
    He served the full term plus 1 yr.
    He passed away April 2007.
    He was born March 18 1923
    He was born under Kitwanga but grew up in Cedarvale. Their parents passed away at young ages.
    His return trip overseas allowed him to visit his uncle’s gravesite and took a toll on the veterabs who travelled there.
    Tommy Dennis, Jeff Robinson, Mr Swanson, and Dad.
    Before Dad passed he was the one that stood to salute all who passed by in the parade. An honor he took very seriously.
    Miss him greatly and very proud of him.

    Wish comfort and strength and love to all our Veterans and their families. Thank you so much for your fight for us to be free. Be blessed.

  2. Sgt. Stephen Wallace Clarke is my uncle. So nice to see his photo here. He served with 18 Squadron of the RAF. I don’t believe he served from 1917-1919, as he was only 29 when he was killed in 1944. He never saw his daughter, Stephanie! We Remember.

  3. I dont know to much of my grampa’s info about the war or anything but i know my grampa Fred Prince along with his brother Raymond Prince served in the war for awhile and they both passed of old age and they were both from Fort St James bc!

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