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Opponents of Site C dam gather at UBCM

Opponents of Site C dam gather at UBCM

Site C dam opponents gathered at the Vancouver Convention Centre this morning.

Representatives of the Wilderness Committee spoke with Union of BC Municipalities delegates as they entered the convention centre this morning.

Joe Foy is the National Campaign Director for the group, and he says many municipalities are concerned over the loss of farmland due to flooding by the dam reservoir.

While there have been some legal setbacks for opponents of the project, Foy says there’s still a lot of fight left.

The province says Site C is necessary to meet future energy needs, and the project will provide clean and renewable energy.

But Foy says the negative impacts are too high of a price.

The UBCM will be voting on two resolutions on Site C, one calling for the BC Utilities Commission to review the project, and another calling for the Agricultural Land Commission to have oversight.

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  1. It’s good to see more people getting involved in stopping this atrocity. The criminals entrusted with the care of our province have trampled all over due process by conveniently removing any opposition to their neanderthal mega project. If the BC Utilities Commission and the Agricultural Land Commission are being hobbled at a time like this and being told to leave the room while these egotistical powers to be hand over this valley to the corporations then they may as well not exist. If this disaster is allowed to take place then any other environmental infraction should, by extension be overlooked. It seems that North Eastern BC is nothing more than a wild frontier wasteland that exists solely for the rape and pillage of it’s resources. When the land is flooded and the moose all hunted out and we have frac water on tap, it will be a little too late. Shawn Burseth

  2. ARE all the people of southern BC stupid , who do they think are going to pay 8, 10, 12,billion for site C. they are the ones that will have to pay,, Listen to them squakk when they start to pay for it..

  3. With the high cost of the proposed dam ther will be less or no money for education, health,climate change. the homeless, hungry children. The much needed infrastructer in all of our communities.
    Christy Clarck wake up, no need to listen to Gordo now.

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