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Pro-LNG rally held at Skeena Mall
Pro-LNG rally held at Skeena Mall, (Credit: Gene Law)

Pro-LNG rally held at Skeena Mall

A pro-LNG rally was held in Terrace this afternoon.

The rally began with a parade of trucks adorned with “Yes to Jobs” and “Ready to Work” signs rolling through downtown Terrace at noon today.

The procession then stopped at the Skeena Mall where speeches were given by Terrace Mayor Carol Leclerc, Chief Councillor Ellis Ross of the Haisla Nation, as well as others who spoke of how LNG development would bring jobs and economic security.

Other speakers included a student currently in a trades program, and her husband, a local business owner; as well a representative from the Independent Contractors and Businesses Association of BC.

One recurring theme was the hope that a positive final investment decision would allow people or their children to stay in the region and not have to move away for work.

Here are some comments from people attending the rally:

Over 100 people attended the rally in Terrace, which coincided with pro-LNG rallies held in Fort St. John and Fort Nelson.

Pro-LNG rally held at Skeena Mall. (Credit: Gene Law)

Pro-LNG rally held at Skeena Mall. (Credit: Gene Law)

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  1. That’s all fine and well, everyone is entitled to their own opinion. I’m glad that this student has taken this trade, what is so bad about this is she’ll only be able to use her trade until the pipeline is built…which may take 4-5 years then the Petronas will forget who she is. It’s not like she’ll be working there for 10-20 years. This project will provide jobs for a short time but after it’s finished they’ll bring in seasoned professionals to look after the pipeline.
    Petronas says they’ll provide 10 million dollars per year to be divvied up between all the communities along the pipeline route. I wonder how many communities that is…just how many people pet community. If it works out to ten thousand people along this pipeline…which I can assure you will be much more than that, it’ll work out to 1 grand per capita and most of that money will end up in the pockets of administrators.
    It will decimate the salmon to the point where anglers will no longer be able to take tourists out on the river and the hotels and businesses will be guaranteed to suffer after the construction is finished. Do anyways, do whatever you want to. Just make sure you hug your children everyday because they will be the ultimate victims if your greed.
    Please post this this time cfnr, you never post my comments…or anybodys as far as I can see.

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