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Stories from Mother’s Day!

Stories from Mother’s Day!

Norman Stephens “My wife loves her children and her grandchildren she deserves t be a hero just for one day”

Jennifer McGowan “My mom is very special to me. She is always here for me, not only me but everyone else. She always puts others before herself. Even on her worst days, she still puts a smile on her face.”

Stacey Hyzims “My mother is a super hero because she is the one that holds everyone together she is everyone’s back bone she does everything for everyone she never complains about nothing. She always makes sure the grandkids are happy she is also everyone’s listening ears hugs all of us when we are sad or unhappy My mom will always be my super hero we love you so much mom happy Mother’s Day”

Charmaine Scodane “I very much appreciate my mother Violet. She is the rock of our family that keeps us strong and the glue that keeps us together. With 7 children and approximately 48 great/grand children and still counting lol. She has always been there for me and my family. through the hard times and there to celebrate the good times too. I couldn’t have been more blessed and thankful for a wonderful mother, that has a heart of gold and loves us all unconditionally”

christine nunes “My mom is the most amazing mom anyone could ask her. She has a heart of gold, a beautiful smile and a heartwarming laugh! She is one of the nicest people you will ever meet, she makes a new friend wherever she goes and is always around to give a helping hand. Through thick and thin she still laughs and smiles. I love my mom so much and there is no other mom that I would ever want. Shes perfect, my best friend and role model! I LOVE YOU MUCH TO THE MOON AND BACK!”

Marianne Guno “My mother Kathleen Clayton is the greatest mother because she is a full-time Best Gigi (Grandma), Caterer, Best Friend, shoulder to cry on, teacher of all things in life, Best Sister, Best Auntie & the BEST role model in the entire world. There is not a thing in the world she wouldn’t do for her children, grandchildren & extended family. She is the head matriarch in our lil Nisga’a Family Unit & everyone looks up to her like shes the Queens Mother. She is the daughter of the most powerful aboriginal leader of all time the late James Gosnell & she has so many leadership qualities like him. I am so PROUD of our mother & she is cherished/celebrated in so many ways. I love you Mom – Kathleen Delores Clayton”

Pamela Gonzalez “Words cannot begin to describe how much you mean to me, the immense support you have been to me and the sacrifices you made and are still making for me and my siblings. Mom, You mean the world to me and more, I am so lucky to have you around. You’ve always been there for me, my source of strength and inspiration in the stormiest of times. Offering me good advice and keeping my feet on the ground. You have always been there for me. Throughout any trouble or strife. You have taught me many things. You are the best person in my life and no one can ever take that away from me. Thank you for being who you are mom”

Kim Azak “My mother is our families foundation like any other family out there but what makes my mother special is the caring, giving and unconditional love she shares openly and freely with anyone who whom comes into contact with her. She is a traditional Nisgaa woman who loves to preserve our foods and shares with elders and community members freely. She loves working and teaching our traditions with anyone who is interested and always puts the needs of others before her own. She tirelessly volunteers her time to our community, our nation and anyone who needs a helping hand. My mother takes family obligations seriously and is a great role model to all of us! My mom is the best teacher to me and my children. She’s amazing! Love you mom (Debbie Azak)”

Geraldine Robinson “My mother is now 75, years old she is the greatest person in our family. She is a praying women and that keeps an umbrella of protection from all things bad, and keeps all of the family safe. My dad had a stroke in 2000 and passed away in 2006, during his time of recovery she stayed by his side and helped him and just loved him thru his journey. She is the pillar of strength and the bond that keeps our family together in good time’s and bad. Always the listening ear, and the person we can lean on when we can’t stand on our own. Full of love and compassion for all of her family especially her large number of grandchildren and great and great great grandchildren. And we all love her but can never love her the way she loves us. We can only hope to be the women that she is and follow in her footsteps.”

Carmelita Trimble “Dear Momma Bean 🙂

Happy Mothers Day to a beautiful spirit

Thank You Mom ,

My girls are grown and well on their way with new adventures and life, but I cant help but lose my breath and worry each day, and as I watch them , I am reminded of all you have taught us and all that is sacred , that is what shines through all of us…. every day 🙂 I am very fortunate , what do you say to a lady who was born in the 50s, survived what she survived and can still smile, and only now we are understanding , I just want to look after you for ever , love you forever and take all that away for you and replace it with continued strength

I just wanted you to know how much I love you

Much Love and respect
Humbly , your daughter”

Ashley Azak “Growing up in a family that has been effected by residential school, my mom would always say “my mom did the best that she could” and I understand what she meant now. Because my mom really did the best that she could. one gift my mom gave us was the gift of basketball. As kids my parents would start off our basketball careers and faithfully attend almost every tournament we played in, from 10 and under through to adulthood in the big show (anbt). She beams with pride, win or lose, she appreciates her adult children still making her proud on the floor. For that I am always grateful.”

David Morrison “Hello
My wife deserves to be pampered 🙂 now I know we all can say this, but mine deserves the world, which j myself continue to give to her. Donna LePretre has been so busy the past few years, she has completed four years of schooling, completing her BSW program, while at the same time blessing me with two sons!! She never gave up in school, got greet grades and has continued being the best mother she can to our boys. No one deserve a total day to be spoilt than her 🙂 I would love it if she was chosen to win this amazing prize package. As CFNR is our nation, Our station.

Thanks, David Morrison”

Francisca Boucher “Hello my name is Sarah i am a hard working momma of seven and a baby on the the way but this is not about me its about my mom that is a loving and caring gamma she helpet me grow in to the woman i am to day. She help out with all her grand children and teching them the aboriginal way and how to respect mother earth. at the moment she is helping me with my seven kid and she lives six hour a way so she is with me till i have the baby. Helping out i hope she wins this because she deserves this i love you momma”

Justina Jenkins “I cannot put into words how much my mom means to me. She had me at a very young age and had no choice but to let my grandparents raise me.
My mom and I are the best of friends. She is the glue that holds our family together. She is a cancer survivor and she recently helped my dad through his cancer ordeal.
No matter what my mom goes through, she does it with a smile on her beautiful face and Thanksgiving in her heart.
She retired from the cannery 2 years ago, to take care of my very young grandson. That’s the kind of sacrifices my mother makes for people that she loves.
I love you with all my heart mom and I thank God every day for healing you from Cancer. Thank you for always being there for me and my children and grandchildren and your great-grandchildren. I can’t imagine life without you. Everything I am, is because of you.
I love you Mrs. Mary Lincoln!”

Marlene Robinson “MOM is important to me because she carried, nurtured me for 9 months. She taught me everything I know today. My mom cared for me and my six brothers. She worked until she was 65 years old, and only quit because of medical reasons. Mom was always a hard worker, a good person to listen to and learn from, she counselled the grand children when they got into mischief. She was a community minded person and always cared for the well being of fellow seniors. She was very generous. the one thing that comes to mind is she liked to make us laugh by doing silly things or saying silly stuff. My Mother is and always be the greatest. May she rest in Peace.”

Shantel Pahl “Mother, Wendy Pahl.
You have been the strongest most influential woman in my life. You’ve seen me through my journey since the day I was born.
I am a mother of 3 wonderful, smart, caring boy’s.”

Stacey Suttis “Mothers are true heroes, especially mine. No matter what comes at them good or bad, they always find love in their hearts and never stop loving you.”

Abigail Vickers-Good “My mom Daphne Vickers deserves this Mothers day gift as she has such thee biggest heart ♥️ she without a doubt goes above & beyond too help family or friends xox shes soo golden & thee best mom ever xox luvv yu soo much for ever n ever more than thee starz in the sky yur #1 in my books as our mom & awesum gramma & wife may yu enjoy mothers day mom and soo blessed to call yu mom yu taught us live live too the fullest , too follow our dreams , & never give up always believe in yurself thank yu mom for all yu taught us we are soo treasured thank yu mom yur the best ever Luvv yur daughter Abbie Vickers-Good”

Patricia Wilson “My mom has been there since day one she has the most kindest heart she worries about everyone’s well being always has a smile even when she is not feeling good herself makes sure people aren’t hungry when they visit she captures strangers hearts she has so many kids calling her mom she gives amazing advise when I’m down my mom has a heart of gold I thank her for giving me life and raising me into the woman and mother I am today”

christine nunes “My mom has got to be the best mom in the world. She always has a huge smile on her face, always friendly to everyone she knows or meets, has a huge heart and no matter if things are bad or good shes there. I love my mom so much. I couldn’t ask for a better mother! She is my idol! I LOVE YOU MOM!”

Marie mckay “My mom means alot to many she works at the school and she also takes care of her 2 grandsons, my own son never leaves her side, she works hard for everyone and asks for nothing in return”

Dylan Sookdeo “My mom means the world to me because as a single parent, she has always been there for me as my mom and dad. She has never caused me to want or need because her selflessness has always put myself and my siblings first. My mom never rewards herself and I think she should because she works very hard and never gets much time for herself. Whatever time she has is spent on her 4 children that always need her. My mom is my world and is proof that a family can still be whole without a dad.”

Norma Joseph “My mom means the world to me, I don’t know what I would do without her. My mom is such a caring woman, she will put the needs of others before her own and that is what she’s taught me. She would do anything in her power to help out our family if needed. My mother not only raised my two younger brothers and myself but helped raise numerous of my cousins and my two step siblings, and now she is raising my twin nieces. My mother is superwoman, aside from keeping up with the twins active life(baseball/soccer/skating) she keeps to a healthy lifestyle of her own by exercising daily, playing baseball and going on daily walks with our family. She continues to care for not only my twin nieces but for my grandmother as well. Our big family is very tight knit and we hold ALOT of functions together, my mom does a lot of planning and a lot of baking/cooking for these functions. I am soo thankful for my mom and I don’t know what I would do without her, she has taught me a lot and I will for sure be celebrating her this Mother’s Day as well as the days ahead!! Love you mom and all that you do!! Xoxo”

Leslie Mohr “My mom means the world to me. My best friend, my world. She’s wiped my tears and always encouraged me to be strong. If it weren’t for her I wouldn’t be the woman I am today! I’ve graduated and obtained jobs at a young age. I’m so very thankful for her and how I was brought up. Love you so much mom! (Shar)”

Sue-Ann Norton “My mom the best and she should win this think cause the best mom ever”

Pamela Venn “My mother and I have had our ups and downs over the years but we worked past all that and are actually very close now…I can’t imagine not having her in my life, therefore; I will cherish our time”

Pamela Start “My mother has taught me many things in my life. How to be strong, how to listen and how to love. She has helped me in ways i didn’t even know I needed the help. She has been there to support me in everything I have tried doing. By doing this she has shaped me into the person I am today. By teaching me these things and being so supportive she has showed me how to be an amazing mother just like her. I now know how hard it is to be a parent and how much of a blessing it is. To be able to watch your children grow and to have them fill your life with joy. I now understand all the sacrifices she has made and how hard she had to work to let us have a very happy life, because of this I am forever great full. I really hope that I am able to be just like her, to be able to express the same amount of love to my children as I feel now.”

Donna Lepretre “My mother is Dolly LePretre. I know we all, well most of us who are still fortunate to have our mothers have come to appreciate them and all they do. I too am a mother of three busy boys, so when it comes to being a grandmother and mother; mine is simply the best!! My mother took time off work to be with my children so I could go to school. Now to me that was a huge sacrifice to her and my father, but was for myself and her grandchildren, as I am now finishing up my fourth year!! Thank you mom. I love you! And I appreciate you!”

Pauline Joseph “My Mother means the World to me; she is 84 yrs old, has gone through so much in her life. Within the past few years,our/my Mother has had an Anurysm,suffered 2 Heart Attacks,had an Above the Knee Amputation,and Today,is still with Us. I wouldn’t have it any other way,than to sit here at home and Take Care of her Now; afterall,she Raised 11 of us, Now it’s Our/My turn to Look after her. My Dear Mother,Rosie George, is My Heart, Love her So..”

Josie Brown “My mother Roberta Brown is an amazing mother and grandmother. She has always been there for me, I never would’ve stayed in college if she didn’t pick up our family and move down south with me”

Anne W Moore “Our Mother Pat and Willie have provided her special foods..even when her health brings her down some days
They go out fishing for salmon or oolichans: Mom makes sure we all have a feed even better she enjoys cooking it for us . They even provide for other Elders with 1st catch..Mom we love you dearly and thank you for making our special days brighter ..seeing her the proudest Mom Grandma and Great Grandma and sister and Aunty Pat ..our Mom derserves this as she has given us all 110% and all year around and we want to give her a special day with Willie as they done so much for us and Community
Thank you love her Daughter Anne”

Sydney England “What does a mom mean to me? My mom means the world to me. Literally. Without her I wouldn’t be where I am today, writing this amazing speech about her. She gave me life, and raised me to be someone I am proud to be today. My mom is kind, generous, caring, and loving. We have had our ups and we have had our downs but at the end of the day she will always be my mom, the lady who was always there for me and I will always be there for her. My mom is smart and I ask her advice for everything. I want to make my mom proud of me the way she made me proud and I will never stop trying, in this world or the next.”

Irene Good ‘Would be awesome win this been busy at home,never been to a spa ever in my listening to cfnr n happy Mother’s Day to everyone out ther n enjoy your day,I have no mom to give flowers too,been gone since 1998.enjoy your day.thanks for taking your time in reading ✌️”

Cody Morrison”Hello ,my name is Cody. And here’s my story of how special my mom truly means to me in I’m my life. What can I say, she’s always their when you need you’re mom as would any one. Has always loved and cared for me threw my hard times in comfort as I did when she needed comfort. I love my mother to death and always will be with me threw what ever path I’m on. Without her, I wouldn’t of been apart of this wonderful life that my mother braught and cared for me as I grew if she didn’t meet my loving father of course. Words cannot describe such feelings on how special my mother means to me. So cherish every moment with you’re mommy, especially on mothers day! Give her flowers! Make her a stormy breakfast that she won’t forget! Just show the same love and effection as she always gave us 🙂 thank you for you’re time for reading my story.”

Daphne Daniels “I have a deep appreciation and admiration for my mother Debbie Wesley. She has loved and cared for our late father Steve Wesley through his illness until the end of his life. She then displayed a huge”

Ttrina Gordon “I love my mom Trina so much. I was only 2lbs-6ozs at birth as a result I ended up with cerebral paulsy and she’s been threw countless surgerys with me. I am now 32 years old and my mamma s still by”

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  1. Cora lee spencer

    is a choice you make everyday to put someone else’s happiness and we’ll being ahead of your own. To teach the hard lessons, to do the right thing even when your not sure what the right thing is.
    A mother is she who can take the place of all others, but whose place no one can take. It takes someone brave to be a mother, someone strong to raise a child and someone special to love someone more than herself

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