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I think I have gone Crazy….

One thing you will learn about me…I always have something on the go.  A goal I’m trying to achieve, or something I want to cross off my bucket list.

I made a promise to myself that before I turn 40, I will thru-hike the Pacific Crest Trail….all 2,600+ miles of it.  The trek will take me approximately 5 and 1/2 months to complete.  The trail starts on the Mexican and American border and finishes up in Manning Park, BC.  I recently bought my pack and have already starting breaking it in.  My husband and I took a walk up Gunsite trail last weekend.  We’ll be doing some multi-day backpacking and camping trips to help me train for my PCT hike. The whole trek is going to take quite some time to prepare for, so I’m tentatively scheduling my trek for April 2019.  I started pricing out food costs and they are astronomical…who would’ve thought those dehydrated meals you can buy at outfitters could be so much?  Ergo, I decided I’d not only learn a new skill, but I’d cut costs while I’m at it.  I am saving my tip money earned from my job at the restaurant and applying that towards a brand new dehydrator.  A brand new Excaliber 9 tray monster!!!   Which brings me to my next point…I need to learn how to dehydrate food.  I figured who else to ask better than the listeners…do you have any tips on dehydrating?  I figure if I get started by the end of this year, I will have plenty of food dehydrated and ready to go for when I’m ready to go…especially if I invest in a vacuum sealer!

I figure if I start making extra food like chili, spaghetti sauces, etc I can start dehydrating the extras.

I’ll be using the resupply strategy and the Bounce Box…essentially I’ll mail myself boxes of supplies at outposts along the trail so I’m not carrying everything on my back like Cheryl did in ‘Wild’, I’m 5 feet tall.  There’s no way I can carry 5 months of anything on my back and still expect to leave the wilderness alive.  I have 18 resupply locations built in, with 2 more being added soon.  If you’re not familiar with the PCT, check it out.  It’s a really neat trail system where Trail Angels exist and hikers have their own communities to help them out along the way.

I actually have another blog if you’d like to check out my plans and the hike itself, feel free to check it out: www.janinepct@wordpress.com

If you have any links for food dehydrating or techniques I should know, feel free to comment.  I definitely appreciate your support!


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