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Update: Lelu Island occupation

Update: Lelu Island occupation

In a previous article we reported a call for a demonstration against a barge that was reportedly ready to begin drilling off Lelu Island.

In that article, we used the word “protest.”

Today an anonymous caller who only wanted to be referred to as a land defender, asked use to remove the word “protest.”

His concerns stems from Bill C-51, and worries that the word “protester” will label them as “terrorists” under the controversial security Bill.

He asked us to refer to them as land defenders instead.

In respect to the people on Lelu Island exercising their Aboriginal rights not to be labelled as terrorists, we have reworded the original article.

Despite the wording, there are doubts whether using the word “protest” has any significant legal meaning.

“I also suspect that no one will bother trying to make use of C-51 until after the election anyway since there is a good chance of getting it repealed,” says Hondo Arendt, who teaches history and political science at Northwest Community College in Prince Rupert. “So why bother trying to make use of an act that would simply immediately lead into court challenges. Since it contains many unconstitutional points, when it might become a moot point soon anyway.”

He adds, “I doubt simply using the word “protest” will automatically qualify you as a “terrorist.””

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  1. Wii Gwinaalth -Gitando -Tsm'syen

    Sm’gigyet Yahaan –Gispwudwada [they use Ne’exl (killerwhale) as there main crest] –Gitwilgyots [people of the kelp-the type they use for herring spawn] –and they are the real -Tsm’syen [people of the river of mists] –and we knopw the river as -Kala Ks’yeen [river of mists] –the Tlingit -knew it as -Jiin He’en -the new generations call it the skeena river –Tsm’syen exert their -“Sovreignty ” only the crown/government assert there sovereignty

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