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CFNR’s All Candidates Forum for the 2017 Provincial Election

CFNR’s All Candidates Forum for the 2017 Provincial Election

Skeena Riding Discussion
Bruce Bidgood – BC NDP, Ellis Ross – BC Liberal Party

Stikine Riding Discussion
Wanda Good – BC Liberal Party,  Rod Taylor – CHP, Doug Donaldson – BC NDP

North Coast Riding Discussion

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  1. Mary-Ann Spears

    Oh the ongoing debates.
    Only discussions of chiefs and treaties of course a political issue; however, this is a provincial election. This is not a treaty run. Having grown up on the Rez. I am dog tired of listening to Treaty related topics.. We need healthcare initiatives and job creation for all of BC.
    I work on the Rez and I do see much poverty.
    We need a leader who can interact on the provincial level.
    When vying for a seat we need to have an elected candidate this person must be one who not only is aware of local needs but can also work with the provincial leader about not only one community but also keep one political party out of traditional politics.
    We need to have someone who can think outside the bentbox.
    We need someone who understands and can stimulate the
    governance of a fine and just economy in BC.
    We need someone who see past the needs of just one small aspect of the province. We need someone who realizes that there are other people who suffer the various degrees of the social determinants of health across BC.
    Certainly, reserves do have housing concerns, but then the lack of housing extends to other towns and cities.
    Christy Clarke could have helped her candidate by teaching not only parroting; but there are courses @ UNBC. Political Science and those courses as I recall are brutal but well worth the suffering if you only wish to understand politics.
    So, whether you decide for advance voting or you need more time to research your choice; please consider who is running in your riding and will that candidate be the best representative for a provincial election?
    We need someone who can help us no matter where we wish to live in BC.

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