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Write ups from “What do you wanna know from Teresa Caputo?”

Write ups from “What do you wanna know from Teresa Caputo?”

PAMELA WRIGHT “I would love to know if my mother’s father knows that I found my mom and family. As, I was adopted from birth and when I finally located my birth family he had passed on a few months before. I have heard stories from my mother and grandmother that he was always hopeful that I would find my roots. Thank you for the opportunity to meet her, I PVR every show 🙂 and I love listening to CFNR at work – it makes my day go by faster and the music is always upbeat and gets my inner rocker wanting to come out 🙂

Judy clarke “I would like to know if I will have any more major illnesses and how my boys and family are doing in heaven”

Pamela Holland “I would like to know if my dad Dennis is ok , and if he seen me when he was passing away . I was with him . And the nurse wouldn’t get out of my way to stand beside him.”

Susanne Blackwater “This point in my life I really need to hear from my Mother. I miss her dearly, and I need to know that we are going to be ok. New generation responsibilities. And I worry for my daughter, would like to know if she will be able to have children.”

Rowena Ridley “I want to see signs from above from our loved ones that have passed on. At 5 years old I witnessed my Father and 3 year old brother drown, and had the toughest time dealing with it growing up. I felt so alone as know one understood what I feeling being traumatized at a young age. Walked alone with a very heave heart. At 23 I lost my husband, and brother in law suddenly in a boat accident. Surrounded by water and afraid of it.”

Cheyenne Tweedie “At the age of 16 I lost my hero, my dad fought a hard battle of cancer and lost. He lived and overcame so many issues when he shouldn’t have. If I had the chance to meet Teresa, I would love to hear from him, it would mean the world”

Caroline Blackburn “Be so Cool to go”

Jessica Spence “Can I develop a gift like hers? What do I need to learn?”

Tina Bolton “Communication with the afterlife — I watch your show — I dream to dream of my loved one who has been gone 19 years update no dreams why?”

Lisa Joseph “During my young life I’ve lost a lot of loved ones. I would like to know if they’re okay and that they’re all together watching over my family. Most especially my father who past on when I was 9 years old, he’s missed a lot in our lives and I’d just like to hear that he’s still with us in some way.”

Lorraine Green “Hello Theresa
I watch Long Island Medium whenever I can catch it on television.
I would like to know what happened? How did my husband fall off a balcony to his death? This still is the question I have all the time What happened, how, was it an accident? He fell to his death in 2010. Thank you for a chance to participate in this contest.
Lorraine Green”

Margaret E. Moore “Hi my name is Margaret E.Moore I am from Greenville B.C .I love watching Long Island Mediam on TLC,When I first heard that Theresa Caputo was going to be in Prince George I was so Excited and if I had”

Margarita Martinez “Hi Teresa if I may I would like to see if you can communicate with my Father who passed away on March 15, 2016. I know and feel he is with us. I wish I could talk to him to know he is ok, thank you.”

Vanessa Wright “Hi, my name is Vanessa Wright I would really like to hear from my son Cylace Kaynen Gabriel Storm Sampson-Wright. He passed away a day before his tenth birthday from an aggressive infection from losing a tooth and I would just really love to receive a message from him. The loss of his life has had a huge impact on my life and the rest of my family’s life as well thank you for the opportunity to hopefully get a chance to meet Theresa sincerely Vanessa Wright”

Alexandra Angus “How my grandmother is doing”

Leona Rudland “How my Loved ones are & Any messages from them & My Health & Just to Meet Would Be So Awesome Love Watching Her Show”

Marlayna Amos “I am currently 24 weeks pregnant and would love to know if my grandparents, aunt & uncles know & care for my baby while he/she is still waiting to enter this world. I would also love to hear from my grandparents on the other side, just to know that they are really there.”

Helen Gladstone “I constantly wonder if my Dad knew what a hard decision I had to make 🙁 I had to choose between going to see my Dad who was losing his battle with cancer on May 3rd or to go to Vancouver to be with my Grandson who was scheduled for open heart surgery on May 6th? in 2011.”

Frances Turner “I don’t know as I’ve never seen a medium before. I would see what she has to say or what she is about.”

RAVEN GRAUMAN “I have lost my real dad 3.5 years ago, is he okay & what is he doing? Just lost a man who i consider a father figure who doted on me, i need to ask if he is okay what is he doing & does he forgive me. I need to speak to my grandpa Ford is he fishing or did any of them come back? my grandmother Audrey, my uncle Johnny, & speak to Mrs. Bessant.”

Winnie Morven “I have watched this show from the beginning, if I can’t watch it, I pvr it and each time I wonder who would step forward. My mom, my dad, my 2 sisters, my grandparents or all of them, also are they all together, I would like the. To know how much I miss them and I wish that we talked openly before they passed about what their wishes were, were they afraid, were they greeted by one another, what kinds of signs am I missing that they leave to show me that they are around and what messages do they have for me or for the rest of us, my parents raised 11 children without losing any of us until adulthood, want to say they are amazing”

Velma Clifton “I lost 3 important men in my life, in one year. My Uncle who lived with us and was there my entire life, my boss, who I worked with for 23 years and my amazing step dad who we were blessed to have for 24 years. I want to know how they are and if any messages. Heartbroken and miss them all daily :'(”

Kristina Woods “I lost a very good friend almost 2 years ago to an over dose. I would give anything to receive a message from him, he was the rarest of friends you ever met that you just clicked with. I never met anyone else like him.”

Janice Brown ” lost my grandmother 7 years ago and my grandfather when i was 12 I am 37 now, they raised me. So it was like I lost my parents, they were my world. I was very much depressed for like four years, and still have bad days where I just cry uncontrollably. when my grandma was in the hospital she called in every family member but me to say goodbye, and I often wonder why she didn’t call me in? Also I had to come back to Prince George from Prince Rupert or I would have lost my job which i couldn’t afford to loose. And I wasn’t there when she passed and that breaks my heart everyday. I would ask tresea why my grandma didn’t say goodbye to me and to tell my grandma I am sorry I wasn’t there.”

Heather Fowler “I lost my husband 2 yrs ago April 12th so many things just don’t add up I would ask about the night of the accident I just want to know if he is alright”

Melissa Lawlor “I lost my Mom when I was 12. She never met my 4 children and I’m getting married this year. Is she proud of me?”

Karen Sandor “I need some closure on events that happen in my life and I would like to have a friend find out what happen to her daughter whose body has still not been found”

Maisie Adams “I think I would be more interested to hear what she would have to say to me ie: messages from the other side”

Marla barton “I want my father to tell me, why he killed himself ? I was 7 years old. Left to grow up fast, to help raise my brothers. Mom had her own demons and past to deal with. ( Indian residential school abuse in Canada) Left alone, did the best I could. She blames herself, for my fathers death. I want to know the truth.”

Sarah Mitchell “I want to hear from my my daughter that could of been 22 years old this year.”

Marlena Joseph “I want to know from Theresa how my family on the other side is doing. But most of all would love to know if they had met my baby girl and how she was doing. I think about my baby every day, and feel blessed she has all my family on that side to meet first before me”

Irma McKay “I want to know how my nephew Bryce is doing he would have been just over 3 yrs old and I want to know if the cops will ever solve his case from when he was in a accident on 11 th ave east our family would like some closure”

Carmen Stewart “I want to know if my Dad is ok & if he knows I loved him dearly? Ever since his passing I have never dreamt of him & I worry. And do I have my guardian Angels around me – do they try to talk to me? What are the signals?”

Trina Kelly “I want to know that my Mom is happy and at peace on the other side. It’s been a year since her passing and I desperately need closure.”

Marilyn Davis “I want to know what happened to my brother he past away August 2015, he lived in Vancouver by himself, had a bad heart/arthritis as well, when he was found he was to deteriated to, beyond recognition, so we sadly had to do cremation. Is he ok, is he with my parents?”

Gwen Simms “I want to know what happened to my daughter Desiree Weget. Our family deserves closure. Her twin daughters will need to know, I hope to have answers for them. It’s been too long.”

Renee Morven “I want to know what the future holds for my love life and my career. I want affirmations. I want to hear from loved ones who passed on. My partner cheated on me and we broke up.”

Rowena Ridley “I want to see signs from above from our loved ones that have passed on. At 5 years old I witnessed my Father and 3 year old brother drown, and had the toughest time dealing with it growing up. I felt so alone as know one understood what I feeling being traumatized at a young age. Walked alone with a very heave heart. At 23 I lost my husband, and brother in law suddenly in a boat accident. Surrounded by water and afraid of it.”

Natasha Candelora “I will be 42 this June what a awesome early Birthday present! I have lost many loved ones! My grandmother died when i was only 8 she was dear to me to have a Someone as gifted as Thersa give me the opportunity to communicate with my lost love ones if they stepped forward would be a opportunity of my life! SINCERELY Natasha”

Kay Anderson “I would ask , if my father is around me , for I lost him at the age of 7 months old to a house fire. That many of times I think he has been with me . Dose he know of my children, my grandgirl…is his parents and grandparents with him..and did I really see them in my dreams .”

Carmen powers “I would ask to talk to my life long friends step sister. She went missing about 20 years ago now on the highway of tears. I would ask Lana where she is so her mom could bring her home and have a chance to say goodbye. And if she could help us find who did this to her.”

Mona Danes “I would ask why I keep having these strong feelings about my mother,grandmothers,presence is very strong,I keep thinking maybe we didn’t do something right,or maybe something they want”

Natasha Moore “I would like a visit from my dad and baby nephew (was 2 years old)”

Lorna Wright “I would like to ask her about my mother who passed away in 1988 and if she reunited with my father in 2002 and my brother Johnny and my niece Crystal Wright on how they are doing”

Tiffany Denny “I would like to ask Teresa if there were any messages from my family members that have past on; my Aunty Marlaine, to share with her children that are really struggling; or my Children’s father that passed away when they were so young. Thank you”

Alyssa Spence “I would like to connect to my grandparents. They were as close to me as I am to my own mother. I would love to have the chance to possibly be in contact with them.”

Cheryl Ryan “I would like to have the chance to speak with Theresa in hopes to come in contact with my loving son Justin, who passed away in Prince Rupert waterfront back in March 2013. Our hearts have been so very broken since his passing. We have been fighting to bring the ones responsible for his death to justice! Thank you for this opportunity, sincerely a broken hearted mother.”

Kirk charlie “i would like to hear from my grandma angeline how she is doing and also from both of my aunties bertha charlie and sally charlie they both passed away on boxing day just 10mins from home and got in a accident.”

Carla charlie “i would like to hear from my passed loved ones especially one of my grandparents i miss them dearly. or my late aunt brenda levick who passed away in a car accident she was the family connector that kept us all together after she passed away we all drifted apart :(”

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  1. I would love to hear from my brothers and sister, especially my mom and dad, I lost my dad at the age of 7 or 8 years of age, my mom past away in 2011 at the age of 95. she couldn’t speak anymore because of her strokes. I also would like to hear from my grand parents I think of them always. I think my life would be a lot more complete if this could happen with Teresa Caputo. I love her show.

  2. Lorraine Morrison

    I would love to hear from my mom and dad,and son, and husband,p.s. my brother

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