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The countdown to Christmas has begun!

The advent calendars are out!

I know because my kids ask me to count down to Christmas everyday at 8 in the morning. How kids can want chocolate and candy canes as soon as they open their eyes is incredible. It’s a horrible thing, but their sugar addiction does make them trainable little puppies.

“I’ll give you a chocolate if you wipe your own butt…”

That happens in my house. Or a bribe of $5 that never gets paid out. I feel like one day the kids are going to come up to me with a bill for an outstanding debt.

But that’s kids these days. So driven on commercialism. I know this because we don’t have cable in our house, but my husband managed to rig up a connection to get a local channel. All of a sudden my almost-four-year-old was asking for pumpkin cookies, AKA Pillsbury sugar cookies with the pictures on them. Why? He saw it on TV. Wonderful!

If the commercials weren’t bad enough, we let him watch Charlie Brown’s Christmas and now he’s calling him everyone a black head.

Then again, this is a kid that thinks buttcrack is the greatest and most hilarious word ever invented.

We plan on getting a Christmas tree this weekend, as my husband wants nothing but a real tree and my son keeps asking if we can chop down every one we see and bring it in to the house. My mom is coming for the holidays so we have to start reeling the kids in now so we can pretend like we’re somewhat civilized.


Tis the season my friends. Don’t let your hooligans rob your Christmas bonuses, and watch out for buttcracks… you could wake up with them in your face. True story- happened to my husband yesterday.

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