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Micro home development near Terrace

Micro home by Hummingbird.

Micro home by Hummingbird.

Micro home by Hummingbird.

Micro home by Hummingbird.

Some say it’s not the size that matters, but how you use it.

That’s the philosophy behind micro homes, which are tiny, ultra efficiently designed homes that can range from 100 to 800 square feet.

These homes can be built relatively quickly and inexpensively when compared to a traditional full-sized houses.

They can be towed by truck to different locations, and can be hooked up with to water, power, and sewage or can go off the grid.

That’s Ally Blake with Hummingbird Micro Homes, they’re building a micro home village just outside of Terrace.

Micro homes are often mentioned as one of the answers to addressing issues of homelessness, housing affordability, and availability.

She also says because micro homes are transportable, they can be moved as need arises, or if a person moves because of work.

Blake says the cost of ownership with micro homes is often the price of a down payment for a traditional house.

Bluegrass Meadows is open for tours in July and people will start moving in by August.

More information on Hummingbird Micro Homes or their Bluegrass Meadows project can be found at their website at www.hummingbirdmicrohomes.com.


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  1. A year ago, I paid Hummingbird Micro Homes, a company out of Fernie BC, to build me a tiny home on wheels. I spent over $40,000 on an 8.5′ x 20′ tiny home which was beautifully built and one-of-a-kind. It was built in Terrace, BC on the Bluegrass Meadows Tiny Home Community site and I lived in the home for four months. In January 2016, I was asked to relocate due to work. At the time, I could not find a spot to park the tiny home in my new community so I had to make alternative arrangements. In the meantime, I agreed that Hummingbird could rent out my tiny home until May 1st, giving me enough time to find a spot to park it. I was not compensated for the rental. Essentially, that was the only way I could “park” my home for free on their site.

    When May 1st arrived, I was so excited to finally have my tiny home back. I had arranged movers; however, Hummingbird had to have the home weighed prior to the movers hauling the home across the province. It was my understanding that the home had already been weighed upon completion, but I agreed. As it turned out, the home was built way over what the axels on the trailer were rated for (almost 12,000lbs versus 2-5000lb axels). Needless to say, I was unable to move the home and that was the only weekend I was able to arrange movers. Since then, the home has sat in Terrace and I am unsure of whether it’s currently being lived in or not. After repeated emails with the owner of Hummingbird, I was first promised an entirely new tiny home to be built in Fernie and ready by the end of August. A few weeks later, I was told the axels on my tiny home could be replaced and it would be moved free of cost to where I am currently living, by the end of August. It is now the end of September, I have sent repeated emails to Hummingbird and the owner, and I have received no response. I am currently seeking a lawyer to help me.

    This is not the only problem I had with Hummingbird. When I was told the home was complete, I walked through and noticed some pretty big problems. The fridge they put in the home (included in the price) was heavily dented and the home did not come with a propane furnace, even though I paid for it. I was told my home would be fully winterized, yet I spent a good portion of November and December installing heat trace wire around all the piping and thawing out the pipes when they inevitably froze. I was also told that Bluegrass Meadows would have cell service and laundry facilities by the time I moved in, neither were installed before I left in December. Both are pretty critical for a working professional. Before it was to be moved in May of 2016, I was told it was getting repaired for improper gas fittings that were installed at the building stage. When I contacted the gas fitter, he mentioned that was not the only thing wrong with my tiny home, that he noticed a number of problems with the plumbing and other fixtures.

    All in all, I would not recommend Hummingbird Micro Homes to anyone. It has been over a year of frustration dealing with this company and as it stands, I am over $40,000 in the hole with nothing to show for it.

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